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SAP ABAP Transaction Codes

Transaction Codes As we discussed earlier, SAP ABAP transaction codes are nothing but the shortcut keys that are attached to a screen....


Maximum and Minimum Function in ABAP

Maximum and Minimum Function in ABAP The following program is used for representing (or) finding the minimum or maximum number in a gi...


Debugging ABAP Program

To go to SAP ABAP debugging mode, first you should activate the ABAP debugging. Now press enter. In the ABAP report, generally debugging m...


Difference of Type and Like

The following table gives a brief description on the familiar differences between "Type" and "Like" in ABAP. The ta...


Overview of SAP ABAP

Generally SAP ABAP stands for Advanced Business Application Programming. This SAP ABAP is a high level language designed by the SAP Comp...


SAP ABAP Interview Questions

1) What is SAP ABAP? SAP is a type of software known as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) that large company use to manage their day ...

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