Difference of Type and Like

Difference of Type and Like

The following table gives a brief description on the familiar differences between "Type" and "Like" in ABAP. The tabular form is below:
Allocates memory during execution.
Allocates memory immediately
Improves performance
Also improves performance.
Used when user defined object links with SAP system data type
Used when data object link with the other data object
Refers to the user defined data types
To existing data type of data object
Assigns data type directly to the data object while declaring
You assign the data type of another object to the declaring data object
Data type is referenced directly
Data type is referenced indirectly

SAP Transaction Codes

This SAP transaction code is nothing but a shortcut key that is attached to a screen. This transaction code is a collection of screens where we can be able to develop our object. SAP has provided their own transaction codes for each and every concept those are called standard transaction codes. There is an option in ABAP that, we can create our own (user-defined) transaction codes. Those user defined codes are called as “Custom Transaction Codes”. The transaction codes that are provided by SAP are known as “Standard Transaction Codes”.
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